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I was born in 1999. I finished high school in web design and programming as top of the class.. I graduated from Düzce University - Management Information Systems. I am currently working as a full time Software Developer.

My interests include web technologies. My hobbies include watching a football match in the stadium, traveling to other cities.

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Web Software Developer

Self info..

  • Birth Year: 1999
  • Education Level: Undergraduate
  • Mail: contact@kadircolak.com
  • Cigarette: Not using
  • Passport: There is
  • Driving Licence: There is

I took part in website setup and management processes, including HTML, CSS, JS and Jquery. I personally took care of both the SEO side and the software side, although it is not my major, it can be said that I have a passion for digital marketing.

I also use Google Maps API and open source Leaflet JS on web GIS side.

I have knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server as database management system and Windows Server architecture as operating system.


A brief summary of education and business life..


Borsa Istanbul Vocational High School

2012 - 2016

Web Design and Software


Düzce University

2017 - 2021

Managment Information Systems



High School Internship

2016 - 2017


Part Time University Student

2017 - 2020

Düzce University

Software Developer

2021 - Continue..

ATC Vehicle Tracking


My non-commercial software projects


All Turkish language and %100 free